Labshare for industry

Opportunities now exist for organisations to gain national and international exposure through involvement with the latest in technology and remote laboratory innovation!

    The rollout of Australia's National Broadband Network will revolutionise the digital economy, and ensure that remote lab technology will reach an even wider audience. The significant increase in broadband capacity that the new NBN is expected to deliver will assist TLI and its partners to provide even greater innovations and opportunities in teaching and learning and international research capacities.

    Sponsorship can give you national exposure as part of program that is actively improving practical science and engineering education. There are a range of ways in which you can become involved:

  • Participate in the most exciting contemporary developments in laboratory education;
  • Position your organisation as an innovator in the rapidly growing area of e-learning;
  • Enhance your in-house training programmes;
  • Sponsor a remote lab and have your contribution prominently recognised through TLI's website and partner hubs, thus gaining visibility to every university and school student in Australia and beyond.