Acting as a broker between peer-to-peer networks of shared remote laboratory infrastructure, TLI will be responsible for managing access to remote laboratory apparatus and associated resources for partner organisations that have subscribed to TLI services.

Depending on the particular needs of the organisation, a partner is generally a consumer or provider of remote laboratories.

Consumers are users who wish to access remote labs and its associative resources within TLI's network. When an organsitaion registers as a consumer partner with TLI, any individual in that organisation will gain access. Providers are generally institutions that have remote laboratories and wish to share surplus capacity with others outside their immediate organisation. Essentially the provider informs TLI of the capactiy of available rigs and any access fees associated. TLI handles everything else associated with coordinating access.

Consumer partners have access to the following services:

  • Access to a catalogue of labs and associated educational resources;
  • Negotiation of sharing agreements for access to laboratories made available by providers;
  • Creation and management of student and academic access accounts;
  • Helpdesk support for any questions or issues relating to access;
  • Remote lab seminars held at the partner institution to explain and promote the concept of remote labs.

Provider partners have the same benefits as consumer partners, but in addtion TLI will:

  • Promote access to the provider's laboratory rigs;
  • Negotiate usage and sharing on behalf of the provider;
  • Manage access of accounts;
  • Coordinate invoicing;
  • Provide access to the latest remote laboratory resource management software;
  • Assist with installation and future upgrades.

For more information on becoming a Partner, Member, or to discuss other possibilities please contact us.