Labshare for research

By leveraging the existing remote laboratory technological innovation, there is a significant opportunity to improve research productivity across a broad range of disciplines by supporting distributed sharing of research apparatus.

    Remote labs are a growing trend around the world, creating an international network of cyber interactivity and stellar networking opportunities. Researchers and industry partners can use the lab as a collaborative space, engaging remotely on industry-driven research without the geographic and organisational barriers that can impede collaborative projects in more traditional facilities.

    Remote labs can provide a high impact and extremely cost-efficient approach to enhancing access to, and utilisation of, mid-range research infrastructure. Areas where remote labs can provide substantial improvement in research include:

  • Strong opportunities to accelerate research and collaboration between disciplines and research communities, as well as the international front;
  • Increased capabilities to interactively process, analyse and display data in real-time;
  • Leveraging existing infrastructure and technologies such as utilising open source software and virtual laboratories;
  • Supporting adoption and adaption of new technologies;
  • Incorporating new technologies (data storage, high bandwidth, authentication systems, etc).