School trials

School trials allow TLI to assess students' and teachers' views of the strengths and weaknesses of remote laboratories in the context of practical experiments.

    Findings obtained will help assist TLI in future developments of remote laboratory apparatus and lessons for secondary schools. TLI will look to improve on areas such as experimental design, control of variables, reproducibility in data collection, data and graphical analysis, and evaluation of the experimental process. TLI will also continue to reassess and streamline its business model and operations to support, integrate and sustain remote laboratories in the school sector.

    Results from previous trial surveys show that student participants favour the use of remote labs as a valid, relevant and interesting addition to their learning options in courses with a practical component. Teacher participants identified that remote laboratory apparatus should focus experiments that are relevant or likely to be relevant to, key curriculum requirements. This includes tightly integrated lesson plans and supporting materials such as guides for teachers and background learning resources.