The Labshare Institute (TLI) offers a range of centralised services for the remote lab community.

Core services include brokering access to remote laboratory apparatus; consulting services for remote laboratory development; and account and resource management.

    Brokerage to rigs

    TLI provides a brokerage service to organise access to a rig at any Partner institution. This includes sharing coordination, negotiation of sharing agreements, contract management, and invoicing.

    Brokerage to lessons

    In many cases there will be one or more lessons associated with a given rig. The majority are freely downloadable under the Creative Commons licence, while in other cases TLI will broker access to licenced lessons on your behalf.

    Catalogue & Library

    TLI will maintain an updated catalogue of current and future/planned rigs for our network of Partners. If you browse and find a rig of interest, you can use TLI's brokerage service to organise access.


    In addition to full-time helpdesk operations, TLI will provide the latest resources and guides to assist with rig and lesson development as well as general technical support documents.

    R & D

    TLI will continue to develop its remote lab software suite, Sahara, to better meet the needs of its Partner institutions and to further explore interoperability solutions for other rig sharing systems.

    Consulting services

    Our team of remote lab experts can assist with a range of technical support varying in scope, degree of interaction and period of service. Some examples include:

  • Technical Support - Resolution of a specific issue over a few hours,
  • (eg, Sahara installation problems);

  • Technical Consulting Services - Services that are likely to be more complex involving further research, case management and requiring a longer-term period of support,
  • (eg, Assistance with designing a rig for customer);

  • Customised Contract Services - Contract job with a timescale of 6 months+ and may be embedded with client organisation as part of a multi-functional team,
  • (eg, Custom rig and rig client development).

    Promotional services

    TLI will promote our Partner's services and/or resources to consumers through appropriate mechanisms including, but not limited to, inclusion in our online Catalogue the details of the rigs and their availability to consumers.

    Hosting services

    If you have developed remote labs but lack the capacity to host them, then consider TLI's rig hosting service. We have the infrastructure and expertise amongs our network of Partners.