Rig: Power Systems Rig

Version 1.00 (latest version)
Electrical Engineering,
Industrial Engineering,
Power Engineering,
transmission line,
parallel operation,

This rig is designed to encompass typical power system components such as generator, prime mover, transformer, feeders, variable loads, compensation devices, circuit breakers, protection system and control system.

The Power Systems rig consists of an alternator driven by a variable speed driver, induction motor and a three phase transformer. The generator-transformer system feeds a three phase variable load bank through a transmission line model. Students are able to apply power engineering theory to investigate fundamental problems in power systems, such as, active power and frequency control, reactive power and voltage control, transmission line regulation/ losses/efficiency, and the effect of different loads on the system voltage and the angles of current.

This rig is also equipped with Woodward's easYgen-3200™, which is a set of genset controllers and protection packages, to provide a wide range of generating set applications. It allows simulation of mains parallel operation.