Rig: Power System Protection

Version 1.00
Electrical Engineering,
Computer Systems Engineering,
Software Engineering,
Power Engineering,

This rig demonstrates the components and functionalities of a fault protection system for electricity distribution and is designed to impart basic knowledge on power system protection principles.

This rig consists of a three phase radial distribution line model supplied from a Delta/Star transformer. There is a circuit breaker at the beginning of the feeder to isolate the feeder in the event of a fault. The feeder is divided into three sections each with switchable three phase loads. Fault application relays are supplied at each section so that users can apply different types of faults at a given section. The system allows the programming of overcurrent and earth fault relays for the protection of the feeder. Users can test the performance of the protection by initiating physical faults on the system then downloading the captured result data for review. Useful visual feedback is provided by a webcam view of the physical rig hardware including ammeters, voltmeters and indicators.