Rig: Wave Energy Converter

Version 1.00
Wave energy,

This rig is designed to provide a practical illustration of the principles of producing energy from sea waves.

The rig consists of a 4.9 metre wave tank with a paddle wheel at one end which generates propagating waves. The rig features a beach that is overtopped by the waves to prevent wave refection. This means there is a constant source of waves. The water that overtops the beach is pumped back into the tank to maintain the water level. The rig also features an oscillating water column and twin MST depth sensors. The oscillating water column has a bidirectional air turbine at the top that is driven by the oscillation of the water inside the column. The principle of operation is simple: the column air inside the column is pushed in and out of the column chamber through the turbine; this is due to the pressure differences set up by the oscillating water in the chamber.