Benefits for students

Students can now perform laboratory experiments in real time from the convenience of their own pc or laptop.

    Instrumented with sensors, data acquisition instrumentation and a camera, laboratory equipment can be operated and the results viewed via a video link to a student's workstation. Students can interact with real physical equipment and conduct authentic, non-simulated experiments from anywhere and at any time.

    While physical access to laboratories remains crucial for students, studies and past experience indicate that remote labs are advantageous in the following aspects:

  • Remote labs give students greater flexibility of when and where to conduct experiments;
  • Remote labs allow students to complete or repeat experiments in their own time;
  • Remote labs provide experiences that hands-on labs cannot, such as access to a much wider range of equipment that is too expensive, dangerous or logistically problematic;
  • Remote labs enable students to gain an enhanced perception of specific aspects of an experiment by focusing the student's attention on relevant concepts.